About Us

We aim at providing quality service to children/persons with special needs.All persons who need our service should find a welcoming home at fairmile where they can share  theie needs worries  and  feel loved  as well as find a solution to their problem.

To provide an innovative approach to service delivery in the special needs area with a view of empowering parents, Teachers and the rest of the community .This would in turn enable our service recipients to live in a world free of stigma and full of learning opportunities and growth.


  • We aim to enable persons from all walks of life to access our  services as early as possible  in life  to ensure that more children are  afforded an opportunity to  be intergrated in the mainstream community  at an early age.
  • Older children are given the opportunity to learn and recoupe  on lost time so that they can live in mainstream community as contributing members of the community in later life.
  • Families find a professional shoulder to lean on with an empowering element.
  • The Comunity  develop an accepting and a tolerant approach to the needs of  special needs families and gives them an opportunity  to improve their quality of life.