Our Program
All our students are admitted through referrals by Medical practitioners, Other schools, psychologists, and parents.

We currently work with students from  birth to Adulthood. The students have different problem areas ranging from, Specific syndromes, i.e. Down's Syndrome, Autism, Fragile -X, Williams Syndrome, Cerebral Palsy .

Others May just have non-specific learning disabilities, coupled with behavior difficulties, Hyperactivity, etc. Dyslexia is one other disability we have had to deal with. Some students have speech difficulties and others are just basic slow learners.

Before enrollment all potential students undergo a week long assessment that enables us to decide on basic strategic programming and goal planning for the person involved.

Sometimes parents who come to us require referrals to other service points. We admit the children as we seek a suitable placement for them  to ensure that no child is left sitting at home without care and education.


We operate  regular learning classes where children are given an opportunity  to learn basic academic  skills Pre-reading, Reading, Number work, Math, sciences, Art Music  and many others are prioritized as learning needs.   

Socialization Skills
Children coming to us may have never experienced play, interaction with other peers and other people , our priority is to ensure they learn all possible socialization skills.We use this skills as a precursor to developing communication skills, Language skills(Verbal , signing , and Technology  Augmented)

We provide a variety of therapeutic services ranging from paramedical therapies  to traditional ones.The Paramedical services  are, OCCUPATIONAL THERAPY, Speech therapy,PHYSIOTHERAPY, HORSE RIDING THERAPY.

Other  therapies include  Art therapy, Music Therapy, General infant Massage therapy, reflexology, therapy etc. we are also open to learning more therapies available out there to increase on the possibilities of improving  on our children's development.

Sonrise Programs

 We have an active sonrise  program  whereby we work  directly with  individual children, This is done  on a lifestyle basis as we have many children and  only one facilitator at the moment. We also have home based programs for those who do not attend Fairmile. The first lot is inco-oprated in the small fee they pay  for school tuition. The second  group pay on a prorata basis as they are requesting for an extra  private service.

We also  have a parent training and empowerement program which is held  for five days during the Holidays  or  five weekends each school term.

Two such trainings have been held successfuly in 2010,two in 2011 two have been held this year  from July to August . We look  forward to holding two more before the end of the year. for more details on sonrise  visit http://www.autismtreatmentcenter.org or This e-mail address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it . or deltamethodist.org our facebook group also provides up to date blogs. visit us by requetsing to be a friend to fern awinja Eshuchi on face book then  access fairmile August sonrise group.


We offer access to learning through our information Technology network. This service is open to our students, Parents from our institution and  those with special needs children as well as our neighbours within the community.

Services  include  use of basic learning programs, access to knowledge via the internet and downloading for future use.