Our History
Fairmile School
caters for children and young Adults with learning and Developmental Disabilities. The School has an enrollment of twenty students, within an age range of three to twenty seven years.

The Idea to start the school was concurred in 1986 by a few individuals who realized the importance of providing a special school program catering for special needs persons Residing in Nairobi and its environs.

In 1987, January the sixteenth, Fairmile opened its doors to the first four students; Through the initiative of its present project co-ordinator Fern A.Eshuchi, an Early childhood specialist, from Colorado U.S.A. , Verna D. Phelps,  and a Parent Mr. J>M> Maliti. The three persons provided the initial Funding.

The Schools initial base was at St. Francis Church in Karen, Then Golf course phase II LR. 32/260, for a period of two years.

The School moved to its current site in on Waiyaki way Kangemi, from January 1989.Initially we started off by renting the premises; but over the years have struggled and bought the building and the one-acre land the school stands on.

This major achievement would have not been possible without the help and support from the parents who contributed and fund raised aggressively towards the initial costs. Lions Club of Lavington has also played a key part in ensuring that we had a roof over our heads, The other Organization that has finally helped us on this aspect is the Catholic Arch Diocese of Roermond and the Eshuchi’s Family.

Other  Recent Partners

Fairmile  has partners in development  who in the recent years have come in to assist  us at different levels.

The Co-orprate Link
In 2010, Safaricom foundation has come on board  in partnership with Westlands Rotact club to build our sewerage system, Safaricom has assisted with a return ticket for our director to  take a course at the Autism treatment  centre in massachussets.The LCAL company of Dubai has been instrumental in improving our Transport  needs.

The ford foundation  in partnership with the international institute of Education has provided  over the same activity. In conjuction with the  Autism treatment centre of America, it has been possible for Fairmile to set up a Treatment start up unit  for Autistic  children.

Individual partners, churches and organizations
The Montrose, Delta United Methodist church ,Carol phelps, Ann mains, Jill Nagrosky, Pat and Ron Marquez,Ann and steve  Clarke,Jenny, Rachel jacobson both from UK and USA have ensured  that Fairmiles needs are met on a regular basis by providing  personal contributions.

Chris Everton(security) Instarect, and the  East African womens league  as well have ensured that our  security issues are organized

The East African  womens league branches  have uplifted fairmile in many ways in 2010-2012.

ASD mountain climber foundation added to our much needed friends by providing a Ticket for the director to the  ATC, This was made possible by all the 2010 Class participants at the ATCA, carefully planned and executed by  Derril Bazzy. and Joseph Quinson.

Dave Baccal, his brother  Barrister Baccal , Joergen winther  have kindly supported fairmiles work in 2012.

September  2012, Steve Nyibule,kindly spearheaded  the financing of this website, two young people(amaan and Arman)  in kenya also suprised us by fundraising  for food and partitions for the school