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Walk (Run )(Dance) and help a child to Talk.

S and S came to school in 2006, each had a lot of challenges in their life. No School could accept them because they were both very hyperactive, they were not toilet trained, they could neither feed on regular foods nor eat independently. Their life revolved around doing things that were not classified as normal

Si had severe tantrums Sa could not even hold a crayon other than when he was ready to destroy it. They both destroyed every little item they touched

Today Sa can copy write, color with limited guidance and produce fabulous pictures, he can also do his math and reading up to pre-school level.

Sid can equally copy write. color effectively build houses, walls with lego’s, ride a horse with limited help. He polishes his shoes, serves himself food from the kitchen on command and can do so much more when motivated .(once he has surprised us by taking a builders trowel and helping to repair a walkway without being requested.

One challenge still holds this two and many others down. We can say we have managed to enable them start living a life that would resemble the expectations of a basic Kenyan family, why? Sidney and Sammy are both on the Autism spectrum. They were Diagnozed at an early Age, Fairmile picked up the pieces and helped the families bring them up with the best guidance possible.

In 2010, Fairmile exposed them to a new concept of training called son-rise. Fairmile has struggled not only to establish a facility that would enable children to receive a meaningful service, but also one that would enable our sonrise program to be implemented in the most effective way possible.

Sa has attained some words not very comprehensible at times ,but can communicated some requestive needs like “give me water” , “I want to sit”(nataka Kukaa) often told to the teacher when he finds her in his seat.

Sid on the other hand can now repeat basic words on request and spontaneously say some in a communicative situation. From a child who just screamed , he is able to smile at people give them full eye contact and request for a toy, food, water or whatever it is, he may be needing from an adult. He can in turn be send to communicate or deliver something to another part of the building and he will execute the task with a lot of confidence.

On 7th October 2012, Sidney was working with me on a Rabbit house, I said that one Rabbit had just tried to open the latch, he looked at me full eye contact, laughed and said “you are funny” I thought I had heard things so I asked did you talk, he Laughed again and said “you are Funny”. It did make my day because I never knew a day will come when I would hear a three word sentence from any of my students.

All the above is happening because of “Sonrise”, people may not believe this, before sonrise, I was struggling giving them instructions they would perform what I wanted quietly without reacting back verbally.

Sa and Sid are just Two of the few that have a story to tell because of this program, Many more children and parents are now experiencing the joy that only sonrise can help bring into their lives.

We want to make this program a reality and empower every Kenyan family who choose to be involved. One challenge does hold us down.

Our outreach program (sonrise start –up) cannot move forward at the pace we want without your support.

We have only one facilitator who is over worked as she has to work directly with children for   nine hours a day , five days a week and another nine hours with the parents each Saturday.

We are excited and enthusiastic about what we are doing an are appealing to your organization/company to partner with us in any way you can to up lift this program to grow in Kenya.

# one way of helping us would be to sponsor a child to attend fairmile fulltime

#Sponsor a parent from any part of Kenya to attend a five day training at Fairmile (cost 10,000/- if commuting in, 20,000/- if needing accommodation in Nairobi)

#Sponsor a volunteer to train and assist to facilitate either at the home level or at the school.

#Sponsor the construction of a playroom/ or the toys for the play room.

#Sponsor two Facilitators to attend an advanced class for one week at the Option Institute (Massachusetts) in early 2013